Materials Needed to Bury Downspouts Away from the House

By |2023-02-06T22:32:08+00:00February 15, 2022|Buried Downspouts|

Are you a DIYer looking to bury downspouts away from the house? Here are the materials you'll need to do it right the first time! Solid Corrugated Drainage Pipe Knife Cut Corrugated Drainage Pipe Catch Basin Drain External snap coupler FDM 200 year tape Pop up emitter downspout cleanout box 12 inch Round Turf Restrictor Plate Start with the Right Drain Pipe A homeowner bought [...]

Pop Up Emitter Problems … Solved!!

By |2022-02-15T22:31:35+00:00February 7, 2022|pop up emitters|

 Let's talk about the pros and cons of pop-up emitters. They're the number one choice for discharging downspouts, French drains or anything drainage because they don't hold any water. It's just a little elbow, so it doesn't hold any water. A basin, on the other hand, holds quite a bit of water and that could be a problem if you're trying to get that [...]

How to Stop Pop Up Emitter from Clogging

By |2022-02-15T22:30:39+00:00February 5, 2022|pop up emitters|

 Why Do Pop Up Emitters Clog? All right, we're going to talk about why pop-ups clog.  A lot of pop-ups have a bar extending across the middle. The leaves get stuck on this bar and they build up in the opening which clogs the pop up emitter. This prevents the pop up from working with max flow. Then, as all the debris collects inside [...]


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