When you rely on a sump pump to handle water from storms, it’s important to install the correct system to handle all of your drainage needs. Installing an indoor sump pump outdoors will only lead to flooding and headaches down the line. Follow along on this sump pump installation Washington Twp where we upgraded the old drainage system with one that will effortlessly move water.

Correcting Drainage Issues with Sump Pump Installation Washington Twp

We were contracted by the Brown Iron Brewhouse to build a channel drain and complete an outdoor sump pump installation in Washington Twp, MI. The restaurant would flood every time there was a decent storm because somebody put an indoor sump pump pit for an outdoor system. Also, they used a two-inch micro drain because they were more worried about aesthetics than they were worried about function.

Old Sump Pump Pit That Couldn’t Keep Up

You can see that the old system had some corrugated pipe laying across the patio to connect to a downspout because that system has been overwhelmed as well. We’re going to take care of all these issues, and we’re going to do it in a simplistic manner by replacing this indoor sump pump basin with an outdoor system.

Powerful Outdoor Drainage Solutions

The outdoor courtyard at Brown Iron Brewhouse is huge, so it’s important they have a powerful outdoor sump pump installed that will take care of all that surface water. The previous system just couldn’t keep up with all the sheet water that came down into the courtyard area. The result was the restaurant and courtyard flooding.

To prevent any further flooding or drainage issues, we’re digging a really big sump pit and installing one of our Screamin Demon Sump Systems, along with one of our Bad Seeds. For added drainage support, each system is pulling power from separate breakers so that each unit is independent of its own breaker. If something gets thrown, they’ll still have a pump. We’re using both systems because we aren’t messing around about providing the best drainage solutions.

Connecting Your Downspout to Your Channel Drain

We started this sump pump installation in Washington Twp, MI, by cutting the cement to a downspout. That allows us to run the downspout, or roof runoff system, to our channel drain. We did a complete overhaul of the channel drain because the previous one used a 2-inch micro drain that just couldn’t keep up. We’re installing a 4-inch micro drain using rerod and cement and running it over to our Screamin Demon with the extended chamber, Bad Seed, and distribution box.

Pro Tip: Make sure that your channel drain is about an eighth of an inch below the brick surface. That way, you’ll be reassured that your channel drain will catch all the water.

A Close Up Look at Sump Pump Installation Washington Twp

We strategically set up this sump pump installation in Washington Twp to move water from the downspout, through the channel drain and over to the distribution box. You can see the distribution box below, along with our Screamin Demon Bad Seed Outdoor Sump system.

Sump Pump Installation Washington Twp

Now, any debris that comes off the roof or this courtyard, it’ll end up in that distribution box and it won’t be fed through our sump pump system. The first phase of moving water will be the Screamin Demon because it has a low sump. The pump will sit lower than the pump that’s in the Bad Seed. The second phase is the Bad Seed, which kicks on if the first pump can’t keep up. If something gets thrown, they’ll still have a pump.

Final Steps for Installation

To finish the installation, the men are using polymeric sand, or glue sand, in all of the brick joints. Polymeric sand has a binding agent in it, so we don’t have to worry about the sand washing out. Once all the sand is in all the brick joints, we’ll spray it with a water hose to activate that binding agent.

Sump Pump Installation Washington Twp

Next, we’re going to fill this entire sump pit with round rock that’s an inch and a half in diameter. We built a big sump pit with a void in between the stone and an added chamber on the outdoor sump pump system so that it can have on-site storage of water in the event of a power outage.

Finally, we’re taking our two discharge lines and tying them into the side wall of the storm drain catch basin in front of the restaurant. They now have a power drainage solution that moves sheet water from storms and keeps their restaurant safe from damaging flooding.

Get the Best Sump Pump Installation Washington Twp

If you need sump pump installation in Washington Twp, French Drain Man has you covered. With over 35 years of experience, we’re the experts in drainage-related. We use the best techniques and materials to provide the most powerful and efficient drainage solutions. Whether it’s an outdoor sump pump installation or a residential buried downspout, we deliver solutions that will work for you.

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