French Drain Man’s over 35 years of experience in the drainage industry has made us the experts in all things drainage. That’s why we take an innovative approach to protect homeowners from damaging flood waters, indoors or outdoors. We provide DIY-friendly drainage options as well as full service sump pump installation in Bloomfield Hills.

The Problem with Standard Sump Systems

The problem with standard sump systems is the basin is too small. Traditional sump pump basins only displace a few gallons of water before activating the switch. When that repeatedly happens, your sump pump gets worn down and will fail sooner than later. A bad storm with heavy rain can be all it takes for an overworked sump pump to fail.

Sump Pump Installation Bloomfield Hills

Not to mention the higher energy costs of sump pumps that continuously run in an attempt to displace water. These smaller basins fill up with 5 gallons of water, the switch activates, and your sump pump consumes energy to speed up after being turned off. It’s a cycle that costs homeowners money on their monthly electricity bill and more money for early replacements of failed systems.

Innovative Approach to Sump Pump Installation 

Our chambered sump systems were built to withstand even the worst storms and power outages. This innovative sump system has built-in flood protection because when the water rises, and you lose your primary pump, you’ve got a secondary pump. Dual chambers displace more water than a standard pump can.

No other system is built to efficiently displace this much water for years.  They just aren’t.  They have two or three pumps crammed into a small barrel that overworks each pump until they fail. We patented the first sump system with dual chambers and a larger basin that works for years, possibly up to a decade. FDM’s sump systems will extend the life of your sump pump by 10 times!

More Efficient Energy Usage

Not only does our patented sump pump protect homeowners from damaging waters, but it also saves them money on their energy costs. Like we said, standard sump pumps power up when only a few gallons of water fill the basin. Every time a sump pump powers up, it uses the most energy to speed up and move that water. The system is working overtime to displace water.

Our patented pump is designed to reduce the costly start-up of your sump pump. The large basin of the Screamin Demon holds more water than standard sump pumps, meaning it doesn’t need to power up as often. Instead of moving just a few gallons of water, it moves hundreds of gallons. That means when your sump pump switch activates, it’s worth it.

Sump Pump Installation in Bloomfield Hills DIY or Full Service

If you need sump repair, replacement, or installs in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan call French Drain Man at 248-505-3065 . Protect your property from water damage and reclaim your home and yard!