Pop Up Drainage Emitter Surpasses Industry Standards

While a pop up drainage emitter is a perfect way to discharge water, not all pop ups are created equal. Traditional pop ups on the market weren’t designed with the homeowner in mind. The faulty design of the industry standard led to hassle, clogging, and ultimately flooded basements for homeowners.

We started manufacturing our pop up emitter out of necessity. We knew we needed to improve the industry standard pop up emitter and develop a better design. Let me show you some of the failure modes with traditional pop ups.

The Problem with Traditional Pop Up Drainage Emitters

While we liked the pop up emitter because it didn’t hold very much water after a rain event, we had to improve on the pop up emitter design. The problem with the traditional pop up drainage emitter is it doesn’t let leaves and tree seeds out, causing the line to clog.

Traditional Popups Clog

Once the pop up filled with enough debris, it would compact and no longer flow water, resulting in a flooded basement, a flooded crawl space, or a flooded home. We knew we had to improve on this. We needed to increase the diameter of the opening and the diameter of the outside ring. With increased diameter, the grass could grow on the pop up emitter but not over the hinging lid that allows the water to discharge.

Designed to Leech Water Away

When designing our pop up emitter, we knew we wanted an open-bottom design. It’s much more practical to have an open bottom sump design instead of drilling holes in the elbow. After you’re done moving all the bulk water, what’s left in that pop up emitter can now leech away. This mini drywell design is quite effective.

Pop up Drainage Emitter

To install it, take drainage fabric and put it underneath the pop up emitter. Then put the pop up emitter on the material and pour P stone around it. Simply fold the fabric and backfill it with dirt. You can now run up to five downspouts on one pop up emitter. Now, more water flows through a four-inch pop up emitter than you can through traditional six-inch pop up emitters. And yes, this will also fit on a three-inch pipe. Easy to use and install because contractors built it. This is a great pop up emitter.

The Low Maintenance Pop Up Drainage Emitter

Another issue with the industry standard pop up emitter is that homeowners couldn’t fit their hands inside to clean them. Smaller pop ups don’t allow homeowners to clear the leaves and branches that end up inside. In fact, there has never been a pop up where you can stick your hand down into.

The larger design makes our pop up emitter super easy to maintain and easy for the homeowner to go in and grab some pinecones. When you get a good, hard rain, the water blows everything out of the line. Now, the grass can grow over this plate and not over the discharge part of the pop up.

Pop up Drainage Emitter

FDM Raises the Bar in Pop Up Emitters and Yard Drainage

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