Downspout Leaf Filter Takes Market by Storm

What if somebody built a vented cleanout that didn’t have a fine screen but had an actual core screen that you didn’t have to clean? And that screen had a patented removable section so that you could run a camera, heat cable, or a garden hose through it. What if that product had excellent fluid dynamics that didn’t let the water go? French Drain Man did just that with our downspout leaf filter that’s taking the market by storm.

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Created by a Team of Experts

Every once in a while, a product comes along and changes an industry. To create it, you assemble a team made up of contractors, engineers, men, and women. You have a meeting of the minds to exchange wisdom and knowledge. Everything is put on the table. There’s a game plan. There’s an end game. You combine that with the will to overachieve. You put a group of people together that love overkill. French Drain Man brought this dream team together to design and build something great made in the USA. How far are we willing to take it? Is what we’re trying to do even achievable?

Our custom-built downspout leaf filter answers that question with a resounding yes. Our combined knowledge and skills helped us craft a one-of-a-kind, highly adaptable downspout leaf filter that’s changing the market and a win for homeowners and professional contractors alike.

 About Our Custom Vented Downspout Leaf Filter

We created the world’s first custom-vented cleanout. It’s a hybrid because it’s also a leaf filter. The contractors knew what the industry needed. The engineers delivered. A collaboration between contractor and engineer, here we have the world’s first custom-vented cleanout leaf filter for a roof runoff system.

Downspout Leaf Filter Takes Market by Storm

The removable screen allows for easy access, allowing the homeowner the flexibility to just run a garden hose and flush the line at their well. It contains all the water, and it doesn’t let any of the water escape. It collects all the leaves, and it’s guaranteed not to clog. The water can continue to run through this vented cleanout leaf filter without any problems. The design prevents clogging. The leaves collect up against the door. The water will continue to run down the back of the housing.

Adaptable Size Allows Easy Installation

We designed our downspout leaf filter to be adaptable. It will fit inside a schedule 40, schedule 35, schedule 30 PVC, and triple wall, which is a septic field pipe. This leaf filter will snap down in the corrugated pipe with ease. It fits inside anything four-inch, and we have a reducer that will take it to three inches. If you like made-in-the-USA products, that’s what we’re bringing to the market with the world’s first vented cleanout leaf filter, brought to you by French Drain Man.

How to Install Leaf Filter for Downspouts

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