Why Do Pop Up Emitters Clog?

All right, we’re going to talk about why pop-ups clog.  A lot of pop-ups have a bar extending across the middle. The leaves get stuck on this bar and they build up in the opening which clogs the pop up emitter. This prevents the pop up from working with max flow. Then, as all the debris collects inside the fitting, it will end up literally clogging your drain line. So we recommend not to use a pop up emitter drain with a bar going across the middle, and definitely don’t use this type of pop up for a roof runoff system. NDS and other manufacturers are known for designing their pop ups like this. If any leaves or tree seeds come out of that downspout, they’re just going to collect on that bar.

Why Do Pop Up Emitters Clog?

Pop up emitter with bar extending across it

Now, if you want to use a something like this for, say, a sump pump discharge line, that’s fine.

But then, make sure that you have a plate so the grass doesn’t grow over the drain, because that little drain plug, that’s the problem. That’s the other reason why pop up emitters clog. The grass is just going grow over the discharge and make it disappear. You’re going to lose it, and you’re going to lose your drainage. So always use your drain plug or your pop up emitter with a turf restrictor plate.

Keep Your Pop Up Emitter from Clogging with FDM’s Pop Up 2.0

So, instead of using a pop up with a bar going across it you want to use a pop up where literally, the lid just opens up like a door, and you have no bar in there whatsoever.

How to Stop Pop Up Emitter from Clogging

FDM’s Clog Free Pop up Emitter, No bar, 4″ opening

This is the best way how to stop any pop up emitter from clogging. Everything from pine cones, leaves, even tree branches that fall on the roof, get in the gutter, go down the gutter down spout, pieces of wood. They all just flow right out of this giant opening when you have a pop-up where the entire top raises versus a bar across the opening.  It just literally kills any debris. Trees, pine cones, leaves, wood, anything like that, even needles, they’ll come out. And, you’ll typically find these pop-ups with all kinds of debris just hanging out of it. With this larger outlet of 4 inches you can actually fit your hand in the opening if you need to reach in and remove debris for any reason.

Then our indestructible turf restrictor plate keeps grass and vegetation from growing over the discharge area. The grass will grow over the plate but it won’t grow over the pop up and clog the discharge area.

Stop Pop Up Emitter from Clogging – For Good!

The number one problem to flooded homes is when the grass grows over the discharge end of the downspout.

If you want to keep your pop up at its max flow with zero clogging and zero flooding, check out FDM’s Pop Up Emitter 2.0 with Turf Restrictor plate. Or place your order by phone by calling French Drain Man at: 248-505-3065.

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