The best way to connect a pop up emitter to corrugated pipe is not a part made out of PVC. It’s a fitting made out of HDPE.

Why? You want a strong coupler that also has flexibility. When the ground settles and you have shifting, you need to make sure that connection is flexible. HDPE is the strongest material on the planet. It lasts 200 to 500 years, yet it’s also very forgiving.

Connect Pop Up Emitter to Corrugated Pipe

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You want to use tile tape with the this dry fit coupler. It’s a slip fit, easy to put together. You’ll create a seal that is so strong and you won’t have to worry about separation during the freeze-and-thaw in the North or ground settling or shifting in the Sunbelt region.

Why Flexibility Matters in a PVC to Corrugated Fitting

Any kind of movement can cause a PVC coupler to crack. Right where a flexible pipe like a corrugated connects to PVC  you need a part that’s going to be equally as flexible as the corrugated pipe. Otherwise, you create a really weak link where that coupler can crack during the freeze-and-thaw cycle or settling and shifting of the ground.

One Size Fits All PVC to Corrugated Connections

There’s no easier connection and no stronger connection than this easy slip, dry fit, HDPE coupler that’s PVC-to-corrugated. Whether it’s a fitting like a pop up emitter, or if it’s just schedule 40, schedule 35, schedule 30, triple wall, any smooth wall four-inch pipe, this coupler fits. It’s truly a one size fits all. You can see how it has two steps, the real thin PVC pipe or triple wall, schedule 35 will go deeper into the coupler. And the real thick PVC schedule 40 will be in the outside step that’s for a wider diameter PVC pipe.

This is truly the quickest, easiest way to connect corrugated pipe to a pop up emitter or any pvc pipe.

A flexible tile tape creates a watertight seal, unlike PVC cement where it dries hard and that can shift and move and crack, causing root intrusion in your roof runoff system or discharge line. Whatever you may be running that’s solid, you don’t want to use a PVC coupler that could crack due to that hinging point of a very flexible pipe meeting a very rigid pipe. The first ever crack proof, indestructible coupler that connects PVC to corrugated also providing a smooth transition between PVC pipe and corrugated where no leaves or debris will get hung up on the interior of this fitting.

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