Pop-up Drain Emitter Clogged? Here’s What To Do

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Pop-up Drain Emitter Clogged? Here's What To Do Roof runoff systems are great for directing water away from your home's foundation and safely discharging it. However, what if your pop-up drain emitter gets clogged or grass grows over it, so you can't locate it? In that case, the water won't be able to discharge away from your home and can lead to a flooded basement [...]

Best Way to Connect Pop Up Emitter to Corrugated Pipe

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The best way to connect a pop up emitter to corrugated pipe is not a part made out of PVC. It's a fitting made out of HDPE.  Why? You want a strong coupler that also has flexibility. When the ground settles and you have shifting, you need to make sure that connection is flexible. HDPE is the strongest material on the planet. It lasts [...]

Pop up Drainage Emitter for PVC and Corrugated Pipe

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Pop Up Drainage Emitter Surpasses Industry Standards While a pop up drainage emitter is a perfect way to discharge water, not all pop ups are created equal. Traditional pop ups on the market weren’t designed with the homeowner in mind. The faulty design of the industry standard led to hassle, clogging, and ultimately flooded basements for homeowners. We started manufacturing our pop up emitter out [...]

Pop Up Emitter Problems … Solved!!

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 Let's talk about the pros and cons of pop-up emitters. They're the number one choice for discharging downspouts, French drains or anything drainage because they don't hold any water. It's just a little elbow, so it doesn't hold any water. A basin, on the other hand, holds quite a bit of water and that could be a problem if you're trying to get that [...]

How to Stop Pop Up Emitter from Clogging

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 Why Do Pop Up Emitters Clog? All right, we're going to talk about why pop-ups clog.  A lot of pop-ups have a bar extending across the middle. The leaves get stuck on this bar and they build up in the opening which clogs the pop up emitter. This prevents the pop up from working with max flow. Then, as all the debris collects inside [...]


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