Best Pop Up Emitter, Built By Contractors

Everybody knows that the pop up is the perfect way to discharge a French drain, a roof runoff system,  a sump pump discharge line or anything that’s discharge oriented because pop-up drains don’t hold a lot of water like basins do.

The problem with the pop ups that they sell today is they’re too small. The lawn mowers break them when they drive over them. Then when you have a broken discharge, you’re not daylighting your water properly. You end up with a flooded basement, flooded crawl space.

This is the best pop up emitter for downspout drainage on the market because it addresses problems with clogging that other pop ups don’t.

  • Indestructible turf restrictor plate keeps grass from growing over the pop up.
  • Largest opening of 4 inches that won’t trap debris.
  • Connects to any 3 or 4 inch drain pipe.
  • Multi Use. Lid pops off allowing connection to any 4 inch drain plug.

We have pop ups that will fit any drainage pipe and they can be convertible, depending on how you order it. The top of the pop up (the lid) detaches easily with a clip. So if you don’t want to use it as a pop up, you can take the lid off and put in any manufacturer’s four inch drain plug.  It’s a multi-use product.

This pop up top will adapt to three-inch or four-inch fittings. That’s the beauty of having contractors develop and design a pop up for buried downspouts. It’s going to discharge anything in drainage. We made sure that not only does the lid pop off, but it has bigger opening than any other pop up on the market. We opened it up as wide as the inside of the fitting itself. It’ll let sticks and debris out. It won’t trap leaves in. It’s a nice big plate. The grass can over it. The grass can grow over the plate, but not over the top. It’s finally here. Check it out.

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Best Pop Up Emitter